Monday, 16 September 2013

Harvest Season & Peeing Like a Racehorse

Mr Cainer - Your Week Ahead: Here comes a Full Moon in your sign. That's a chance to change your life, if ever there was one. Really, though, it would be a mistake to assume that everything is going to alter dramatically. Sometimes, Full Moons bring immediate, impressive upheaval. More often, though, they force decisions. They bring matters to a head and oblige us to face facts that we might prefer to ignore. They allow us to adjust our ideas and free ourselves from negative beliefs. If, though, you want to rewrite the story of your life, you can begin.

Crikey wonder what the hell this weeks gonna bring. How the hell can you change your life without having the financial ability to do it nowadays and if that isnt the issue then time most certainly is! - still its a positive forecast so we will go with it!

General DIY has come to a head for the moment and other than becoming quite fabulous at impressively launching large bits of wood and chipboard at the tip ive not really got much to share. My to do list is ever increasing though which means frustration is rife and arguments are breaking out over things which should be clearly labelled "S**T" such as the gas fire and the shower ... and the kitchen tap... amongst others.  A visit to the neighbours only ever makes our house look like a nineties throwback and in desperate need of some love. I have the love but not the finances. In a nutshell, I need Nick Knowles.

Creativity has taken a back seat due to time, or lack of it, although we have been productive. Our apple tree and plum tree have given us a wicked crop this year. We made apple pie with our apples and used 2.5kg of plums making plum jam before offloading 90 plums to the neighbours. Theres still more plums to go. After all the sugar yesterday I have spent much of the day peeing like a racehorse and deciding that I need to pose the 4lb I put on. Life Lesson: Plum jam is not good for the diet.
So the positivity thing and Cainers weekly forcast, I'm going to give it a whirl and see if his forcasts are true. I have my reservations... Dave Gorman once tried this with Mystic Meg and wound up financially worse off and grumpy. I hope Cainer is more reliable.